I must admit, back when I was a school-hating teen, I had no idea I’d be running my own business less than 10 years later.

I was a lone wolf and a rebellious teenager, so I suppose there was two ways my life could have gone – behind bars or running things my own way.

Thankfully I chose the straight and narrow. But it could have been a different story.

I was bullied pretty bad through primary and secondary school. Which is probably why I’ve found it difficult to trust people.

I had pent up anger. Not just at my bullies, but my parents and the world. I moved out at 16, took a gap year and begrudgingly carted myself off to study Journalism at University for four years.

I waited tables and pulled pints for a few years after, but I was determined not to throw my life or education away.

I finally landed a job in the marketing department of a solar panel company, then moved on to marketing in a software house. The pay was terrible. I was stagnating. Eventually I felt underappreciated and worth more than the measly £13,000 a year I made.

It wasn’t until I started freelance writing for a local magazine did I know what path I was really supposed to be on.

So I quit my job at the software house with only two adhoc clients on my radar. What was I thinking!

I used my marketing knowledge to find more clients and grow my business from scratch. I had pigheaded determination to make this crazy idea work. There’s no way I could have handled the shame of saying I’d failed – taking my sorry arse back to job hunting and the 9-5.

But against all odds, somehow, I made it work.

I’ve been helping my clients use content marketing to promote their businesses for the last 6 years. And at the beginning of 2018, I found my niche – the thing that really lights me up. Helping pet businesses grow their brand sparks complete and utter joy for me.

And now, life’s pretty damn good. I have a wonderful, supportive partner and a loopy schnauzer I totally adore. And we bought our first home over two years ago. But I couldn’t have done all this without the sheer determination and knowledge I’ve learnt along the way.

But I want to share that knowledge too. To help other pet businesses get the same results I’ve had over the years.

Which is why I’m super excited to have launched my 3 Punch Traffic Boost Packs. This is a done-for-you blogging service made for pet businesses. It’s the exact strategy I’ve used to grow my dog blog over at GoneDogMad.

It includes my content calendar roadmap which maps out every article I write for my clients’ blogs for that month. It includes on-page SEO to boost traffic from the search engines, AND my fool-proof Pinterest strategy. Which is one of the best places for pet businesses to be right now!

If you’d like to learn more about my Traffic Boost Packs, head over here for the full details.


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From High School Loner To Business Owner

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